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Alecia Miller

What type of art do you create most often? I create mainly mixed media paintings that incorporate mandalas and nature imagery.

With which creative mediums do you work most often? In my mixed media pieces, I combine many layers of water based media - acrylic, watercolor, pencils, and ink. These are intermingled with graphite, ink and other non-soluble media that give texture and add contrast.

Artist Statement: Even before graduating from Drexel University with a degree in Fashion Design, I knew that was not the career path I really wanted to pursue. My creative journey led me to ceramics. From 2001 to 2005 I ran Nepenthe Pottery while we lived mid-state and had room for an onsite studio. Over time, my work began to take on intricate and detailed patterned carving. When we moved back to eastern PA, the space for a ceramics studio was lost, and my focus shifted back to writing, drawing, and painting.
Creating mixed media artwork allows me to play with textures in my pieces, and build up layers of meaning and ideas as part of the creative process. Mandalas feature heavily in my work as I am influenced by the work of Carl Jung and Joan Kellogg and their use of mandala creation as a tool for self development and discovery. Themes of childhood and our connection to nature are prevalent in both my mandalas and other pieces.
I discovered Zentangle in 2011 and was immediately drawn to it. Drawing the repetitive patterns was so reminiscent of the carving I did on my ceramic work. I began a regular practice of Zentangle, became a certified teacher, and began to incorporate it into my mixed media work. This is particularly apparent in my mandala pieces.

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Alecia Miller's Boxes

Alecia Miller's Boxes


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